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AMS Water Metering supports AWA program in Vietnam

AMS Water Metering is supporting the Australian Water Association and the Australian Government’s program to increase access to safe drinking water in schools in rural Vietnam.

Through the installation of small scale water treatment technology systems, the program is providing safe drinking water for over 2400 students in four separate schools that didn’t otherwise have access to safe drinking water. These schools are Dien Tan Primary School and Suoi Tien Primary School in Khanh Hoa Province, and Chieng La Primary School and Nong Lay Primary School in Son La Province.

AMS Water Metering donated Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meters to help with monitoring the consumption of water and supporting sound maintenance and operation procedures.

“AWA are very appreciative of AMS for donating their meters for this important project. Our partnership with AMS Water Metering allows the collection of water consumption information by local operators of the drinking water kiosks and more informed decision making by the school, rural water authorities and the central government of Vietnam”, said Paul Smith, AWA International Manager.

“Access to clean, safe drinking water is something that we take for granted in Australia but is not always the case in many developing countries. AMS Water Metering is proud to be supporting AWA and the Australian Government in this important program to bring safe drinking water to rural schools and villages in Vietnam”, said Andrew Riches, General Manager – Business Development, AMS Water Metering.

AMS Water Metering will continue to support the AWA program in Vietnam and is part of the Australian delegation to the Vietwater 2019 Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in November.

For more information on AMS Water Metering and the Qalcosonic range of smart ultrasonic water meters, visit

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AMS Water Metering!

AMS Water Metering!


Here at AMS Water Metering, we are excited to be bringing the AXIOMA water meters range to the Australian and Asian markets. So many factors contribute to the increasing necessity as well as collective responsibility, to be conscientious about our water management.

Here in Australia, we feel our water shortages quite keenly in times of drought, however, being water smart, is something we all have to adopt as part of our growing responsibility towards the sustainable use of our resources.

However, in most cases, where water meters are sought after, we’re not talking about environmental or sustainable solutions, what drives most of the water meter market is efficiency and economy. That’s perfectly ok too! as that’s part of Smart Water Metering.

Smart Water Metering, saves water and money. Part of our goal here is to provide information about the benefits of adopting sustainable practices in the management of our water utilities. As a collective, the urban community deals a major impact on the usage of of our water resource.

We hope to be part of this growing awareness, as well as providing the technical and product knowledge that helps your personal or commercial application make the most out of your water resource whilst providing a channel of information where you can learn about the significant benefits you can make by being more water conscious.

From the Team here at AMS, thank you for stopping by and reading our blog!

AMS Management

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