AMS Water Meters

Water Meters

Many of the potential benefits of smart water metering include…”

Cost Efficiency
o The primary benefit is real time and financial savings. No need for manual, or drive-by meter readings to be taken. Immediate detection of water leaks means that customers can be notified immediately and the wastage of treated water is significantly reduced..
Better Urban Planning
o Accurate and up-to-date demand data collected at a high resolution is essential to ensure that future mains water supply networks reflect current usage patterns and are designed efficiently from an engineering, environmental and economic perspective..
Better Analysis
o Smart Metering allows a better understanding of water consumption trends and behaviours. This allows individuals and water planning professionals alike to make the required enhancements to the present system to allow for greater efficiencies based on improved analysis.
Targeted Water Management
o Regular monitoring of end-use consumption data provides the ability to immediately quantify the effect of targeted water efficiency programs on their intended water end-use.