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Axioma Metering received the Innovation 2019 award for its newest creation – smart ultrasonic water meters Qalcosonic W1. Having outstripped 12 competitors in the innovations category, the company accepted congratulations at the Kaunas Growing Business Awards K.A.V.A. 2019.

The companies creating the highest value for Kaunas, from start-ups making their first steps towards success to the enterprises of traditional industrial branches successfully developing their business for decades, have been shown appreciation during the ceremony.

“I would like to thank the entire company’s team, as well as the scientists of the Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian Energy Institute, who contributed to creation of this meter. We are currently making particular efforts to ensure worldwide penetration of the technology designed in Kaunas, Qalcosonic W1 smart meters. The first feedback on our new product is rather promising,” said Virgilijus Pamakštis, Head of Innovation and Technical Department  at Axioma Metering, who was handed the award.

This year, fierce competition for the eleven K.A.V.A 2019 award nominations continued throughout the period of submission and evaluation of the applications: as many as 109 applications have been received from 80 Kaunas companies.

The winners in a dozen of nominations have been selected by the commission comprising the experts and specialists from Kaunas IN, Kaunas City Municipality, and representatives of the institutions and organisations uniting the Kaunas and Vilnius business communities. Their votes were decisive in selection of companies to be awarded for the fastest development, creation of innovations, contribution to public well-being, hospitality to the residents or foreign guests, or implementation of the unique real estate project.

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AMS Water Metering receives NMI approval for their Qalcosonic W1 water meter

AMS Water Metering receives NMI approval for their Qalcosonic W1 water meter

AMS Water Metering has received NMI approval for their Axioma Qalcosonic W1 Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter. This is a significant step forward in supplying our range of smart water meters into the Australian market. The approval number for the Qalcosonic W1 is NMI 14/3/43

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Good news to everyone waiting for a smart water meter Qalcosonic W1 from “Axioma Metering”: MID certificate (Measuring Instruments Directive) has been granted. It means that the meter complies with the highest level metrological standards, and it is ready for commercial water accounting in the entire European Union. The certificate, which is valid for a ten year period, is issued by a notified institution Lithuanian Energy Institute Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing.

 “This certificate states that the development process of Qalcosonic W1 has been completed, and we are about to enter a new stage which is preparation for its massive production.

Creation of the new meter began in October, 2016; the investment reaches 1.7 mm Eur. Qalcosonic W1 is distinguished by its accurate accounting, almost unlimited connection options and unique design. The first samples of the meter have already been received by our partners abroad.       

Water and heat devices are legal metrology objects, and they can be supplied to the market only in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Metrology. MID is a directive by the European Union, which was established in 2006; it defines the essential requirements for metrology objects used commercially. It seeks to harmonise these aspects across Europe and to ensure that only secure high-quality products are supplied to consumers. Prior to the entry into force of the MID, each member of the EU applied its national standards. 

In Australia AMS Water Metering has NMI approval for the Qalcosonic W1.

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AMS Water Metering exhibiting at OZWater19

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AMS Water Metering will be exhibiting at OZWATER on stand Q31, displaying their range of Smart Water Meters from Axioma Metering.

The company will be displaying the Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meter which is the new flagship of the QALCO range of metering products. The meter represents a new generation of patented design, wide communication possibilities, IoT technology, impeccable metering accuracy and an outstanding durable housing – and those are just a few of the features that were fulfilled by the dedicated and professional teams working in our Engineering, Innovation and Commercial Departments.

The design features of the QALCOSONIC W1 represents a new technological evolution. Axioma believes that any product must be not only technologically advanced – but also nice to look at. With QALCOSONIC W1, they sought to combine clarity with innovation through the shapes that are found in nature. When creating the device design, their designers looked for inspiration in the shapes that are the most comprehensible to us and that are also the most appealing. The size of this meter and its clarity led us to base the design composition on the humble apple – one of the most familiar items to each of us.

The QALCOSONIC W1meter measures the flow of water using ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic method is one of the most quickly-developing solutions in numerous sectors, because it can identify and immediately react to the tiniest changes in any system. Together with a high dynamic range, this ensures an exclusive flow metering accuracy and precision even with the smallest water flows. This guarantees a cost reduction of 10-20 %.

Other products on display will be the QALCOSONIC F1 (IP68), is designed for measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households and blocks of flats, as well for industrial applications and the QALCOSONIC E3 ultrasonic heat meter which is designed to measure the heat and cooling energy consumption, where data are recorded in two separate registers. The meter is used in the district heating objects (residential houses, companies and organisations, heat supply facilities, etc.).

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A Little About LoRa..

LoRa WAN is the most promising and widely used technology of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the LoRa Alliance?

At AMS, we are suppliers of Axioma Smart Water Meters. Axiom Metering are members of the International LoRa Alliance. It is an open and non profit association of equipment manufacturers that produce and use the LoRa WAN technology. Being active members in the LoRa Alliance means the Ultrasonic Water Meters AMS Water Metering provides are amongst the most advanced and efficient products in the market.

What is LoRa WAN Technology?

LoRa WAN is secure, it is also a low energy consuming, wide area network (LPWAN) protocol for connecting a wireless internet of battery powered equipment to regional, national or worldwide networks. One of the main attractions to this technology is its ability to transfer date over large distances without any complexity. Many types of sensors are able to connected to a LoRa Module, enabling you to track measured values online or through a wireless connection.

‘The LoRa technology makes it possible to transfer the data of water or energy meters over hundreds of kilometres. LoRa routers are installed in convenient locations in the city, through which data received from meters are distributed to data processing servers. Installing antennas in the staircase of every apartment building is no longer needed, for a medium-sized city it is enough to have a few routers’, 

Giedrius Vaitkūnas, Head of Product Development, Axioma Metering.

Another fantastic aspect of LoRa Technology is that its bi-directional. So you get information about your water metering data, but also the fault reports that can be collected, for example, things like leakages in the water supply system. This allows technicians or the maintenance department to react quickly to fix the problem.

LoRa Alliance, Founding and Members..

LoRa Alliance was established in 2015 and has been the most rapidly growing technology alliance. It currently comprises more than 500 members, including such technology leaders as IBM, Cisco, HP, Foxconn, Semtech and Sagemcom. Its members closely co-operate and share experience, furthering the success of the LoRa WAN protocol as the leading standard for the open and secure worldwide IoT LPWAN connection. The main goal of the LoRa Alliance is to standardise the LPWAN, enabling the expansion of the IoT network. According to Statista, in 2015 the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things was 15.41 billion, in 2018 – 23.14 billion, and it is predicted that in 2025 the network will comprise 75.44 billion devices.

To find out how our ultrasonic meters use LoRa Technology, contact us.

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AMS Water Metering!

AMS Water Metering!


Here at AMS Water Metering, we are excited to be bringing the AXIOMA water meters range to the Australian and Asian markets. So many factors contribute to the increasing necessity as well as collective responsibility, to be conscientious about our water management.

Here in Australia, we feel our water shortages quite keenly in times of drought, however, being water smart, is something we all have to adopt as part of our growing responsibility towards the sustainable use of our resources.

However, in most cases, where water meters are sought after, we’re not talking about environmental or sustainable solutions, what drives most of the water meter market is efficiency and economy. That’s perfectly ok too! as that’s part of Smart Water Metering.

Smart Water Metering, saves water and money. Part of our goal here is to provide information about the benefits of adopting sustainable practices in the management of our water utilities. As a collective, the urban community deals a major impact on the usage of of our water resource.

We hope to be part of this growing awareness, as well as providing the technical and product knowledge that helps your personal or commercial application make the most out of your water resource whilst providing a channel of information where you can learn about the significant benefits you can make by being more water conscious.

From the Team here at AMS, thank you for stopping by and reading our blog!

AMS Management

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