Axioma Metering, the developer of smart water and heat meters, officially announced the use of LoRa technology in the energy meter E3.

LoRa is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol designed to allow wireless communication of things operated on a battery in regional, national or global networks. The main advantage of this technology is long distance data transfer, while it does not require any complex solutions. This makes it a very attractive solution for clients because both installation of the meter and collection of data is quick and convenient.

“The employees of the Innovations Department have been working on improvement of the meter for half a year, releasing a number of test models, until the desired result was achieved – we are among the first to adapt and use LoRa technology in the heat meters. It is thanks to the company’s excellent performance and perseverance of our Innovations Department team that we are finally able to enjoy this technological achievement and boldly state that we walk hand in hand with age of IoT”, said Mantvydas Vaičius, Head of Commerce Department (Brass Meters).

The ultrasonic energy meter E3 is used to measure energy used for heating or air-conditioning in private and apartment buildings, companies and organisations. The mass production of the meter was started in the autumn of last year replacing the previously manufactured Qalcosonic E1 type meters.

“The development of this new meter was aimed at making it as advanced and friendly for consumers as possible, making it one of the universal energy meters on the market. The data from the device can be read in two or even three ways (WMBUS radio protocol, wired MBUS and MODBUS protocols and LoRa, Pulse I/O). It must also be emphasised that the device can be used in both supply and return pipelines, which can be configured by a single push of a button,” summarised Mantvydas Vaičius.

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