Good news to everyone waiting for a smart water meter Qalcosonic W1 from “Axioma Metering”: MID certificate (Measuring Instruments Directive) has been granted. It means that the meter complies with the highest level metrological standards, and it is ready for commercial water accounting in the entire European Union. The certificate, which is valid for a ten year period, is issued by a notified institution Lithuanian Energy Institute Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing.

 “This certificate states that the development process of Qalcosonic W1 has been completed, and we are about to enter a new stage which is preparation for its massive production.

Creation of the new meter began in October, 2016; the investment reaches 1.7 mm Eur. Qalcosonic W1 is distinguished by its accurate accounting, almost unlimited connection options and unique design. The first samples of the meter have already been received by our partners abroad.       

Water and heat devices are legal metrology objects, and they can be supplied to the market only in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Metrology. MID is a directive by the European Union, which was established in 2006; it defines the essential requirements for metrology objects used commercially. It seeks to harmonise these aspects across Europe and to ensure that only secure high-quality products are supplied to consumers. Prior to the entry into force of the MID, each member of the EU applied its national standards. 

In Australia AMS Water Metering has NMI approval for the Qalcosonic W1.

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